Canary Media Features the Diamond List

diamond list

Kanin is excited to be on the Diamond List!

The diamond list is a freely accessible list of 75 promising climate-oriented startups assessed by investors who know the sector. It aims to resolve the challenge Investors face when trying to come into climatetech, but are distraught with the vast array of startups to invest in. 

“There are so many investors that are trying to come into this space and get up the learning curve quickly — there’s this huge array of solutions, Diamond List helps investors get up to speed really quickly.” said Janice Tran, CEO of Kanin Energy, a Diamond List company that captures industrial heat waste for power generation.

Selection criteria included a remarkable founding team, capacity for impact, and solid financial metrics.

To learn more about it, and the funding ecosystem for climatetech startups, Check out the article below from Canary Media Inc.

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