Virtual panel for Decarbonizing Cement, Concrete, & Steel

Decarbonizing Cement, Concrete, and Steel

While excitement and momentum build behind the clean energy transition and as new net-zero targets emerge, the question of how to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors remains. How do we tackle the material economy which is responsible for nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions? What are our plans around cement? What are the smart ways of using industrial materials?

Join us on the virtual panel for Decarbonizing Cement, Concrete, & Steel hosted by Women in Cleantech and Sustainability on June 10 at 11 am PT to learn more! Hear from our CEO Janice Tran along with expert panelists Anne-Claire Howard, Christie Gamble, and Dinah McLeod to discover solutions in industrial decarbonization and how we can keep our future clean.

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