Kanin Participating in the Great Alberta Pitch Marathon

Great Alberta Pitch Marathon

Join Kanin on August 19th and celebrate Alberta Tech and Innovation at the Great Alberta Pitch Marathon featuring over 100 companies & 300 ecosystem members across Alberta! Register and learn more below to take part in the marathon and show your support for Alberta startups!

“An Alberta-wide event that provides hands-on pitching experience and exposure and peer-to-peer support for start-ups across all stages and sectors. There are no prizes, no awards, no judges. Just entrepreneurs pitching to the community, showing off their innovations and seeing how members of the audience may be able to help them grow.

The event will be hosted on a massive Zoom call. Companies will be showcasing their accomplishments and asking for support to solve their next challenges (~3 min per company). Each sector block will be co-hosted by one of our community partners. The audience is encouraged to provide feedback, recommendations, and referrals.”

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