We Help Heavy Industry Monetize Their Waste Heat and Decarbonize Their Operations

We’re Project Developers Hyper-Focused on Industrial Emissions


Our Approach

Kanin Energy executes on high-value energy generation and emissions reduction projects "too small" for large industrials and utilities to manage internally.



Our core focus is on capturing waste heat for power generation, district heating, and other industrial efficiency projects. We provide a bundled solution for industrial customers that includes the design, capital, construction, and operations for the project.

Team Overview

The Kanin Energy team was purpose-built to combine the optimal blend of big facility experience, deep project finance knowledge, electricity market expertise, and entrepreneurial savvy.

Your Energy Partner

Kanin Energy is an innovative development company that focuses on third-party financed industrial emissions projects. Our projects require no expertise or capital from our partnered host facilities.

We do this by bringing together technology, engineering, construction and third-party capital in an elegant turn-key offer. Our primary focus is helping industrial partners monetize their waste heat resources by installing waste heat to power facilities which generate high-quality, baseload, carbon-free electricity for grid sale or on-site use.

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