Turboden Webinar on Decarbonizing the US Oil and Gas Sector

Turboden Webinar: Decarbonising the US Oil and Gas Sector

Turboden and Transition Economist hosted a free webinar where experts, such as our very own, Janice Tran, discussed decarbonization of the US oil and gas sector with waste heat recovery.

Currently there is an estimated 15GW technical potential for waste heat to power generation in the United States which represents a $39 billion capital deployment opportunity.

Explore Turboden: Turboden is an Italian firm and a global leader in the design, manufacture and maintenance of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems, highly suitable for distributed generation, that generate electric and thermal power exploiting multiple sources, such as renewables (biomass, geothermal energy, solar energy), traditional fuels and waste heat from industrial processes, waste incinerators, engines or gas turbines. Today Turboden expands its solutions with gas expanders and large heat pumps to contribute to the worldwide efforts to mitigate global warming by creating reliable and clean energy systems.

To watch the webinar, click here.

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