Plug and Play Tech Center is Hiring

Plug and Play Tech Center is Hiring

Plug and Play Tech Center is hiring a Ventures Analyst role in Calgary! Interested? Reach out to Marit Sall Lyngbaek, Sr Partnership Manager in Energy, would love to connect with you, to learn more about your innovation activities in the area, and share more about the new initiative in Calgary.

About Plug and Play Tech Center: We want to build a smart future. To achieve that, we’re building a unique ecosystem that connects change-makers and leading organizations.

Our network consists of 30,000+ startups, 500+ world-leading corporations, and hundreds of venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies across multiple industries. Together with our partners, we are creating a unique ecosystem designed to develop and implement the technologies of tomorrow.

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We’re a development company that focuses on transforming industrial waste heat into emission-free power with no capital needed from host facilities

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