Addressing the Lack of Inclusion in Climate Tech Industry

Addressing the Lack of Inclusion in the Climate Tech Industry

Canary Media discusses how to address the lack of inclusion in the climate tech industry.

Elaine Hsieh of Third Derivative discusses what we’re missing out on and the solutions for climatetech’s inclusion problem that will get us to where we need to be at the speed and scale that’s required to address our climate challenges globally.

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About Canary Media: We are an independent nonprofit journalism outlet powered by RMI dedicated to chronicling the transition to a decarbonized economy and society, with a particular focus on the transformation of the energy, transportation, industrial and building sectors.

About Third Derivative: We connect climate tech innovators with a deep network of experts and investors to achieve a brighter, more equitable climate future. Through a vast global network of deep experts, corporate partners, and investors, we help startups go to market faster with their world-changing ideas, create real impact, and transform markets.

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