Kanin Sponsors ALLY Energy International Women’s Day Summit

ALLY Energy International Women's Day Summit

Kanin Energy is celebrating International Women’s Day 2022, as a proud sponsor of ALLY Energy’s International Women’s Day Summit.

Join our CEO, Janice Tran, tomorrow as she joins a panel discussion at Greentown Labs, on how to break the bias in energy and discuss career opportunities that emerge because of the energy transition.

Register, here.

The energy industry has been historically male-dominated, however, Kanin aims to reimagine and rebuild the infrastructure to then focus on creating a just transition. With this new dawn of an age where climate change impacts all aspects of society and is no longer a silo, Kanin is proud to recognize the values of diversity and inclusion that have played in our company’s success. It’s time to rethink how best to create a just transition that has foundations with women in energy.  

About ALLY Energy: ALLY’s mission is to accelerate connections, careers, and skills for an equitable energy transition, by giving professionals a community to find everything they need to be successful in their careers. They work with organizations that are committed to diversity and inclusion, providing them a framework to become a leader in ESG, attract top talent, build amazing culture, and retain high performers.

About Greentown Labs: Greentown Labs is the largest climatetech startup incubator in North America, as well as fostering a coworking space for the community of climatetech pioneers working to design a more sustainable world.

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