Kanin Presenting at Carbon Capture USA 2022

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Join Kanin’s team at the Carbon Capture Summit in Long Beach, California from October 19-20th 2022. At the summit, Jake Bainbridge, Kanin’s CTO & Co-Founder will be presenting on how investing in waste heat to power today supports carbon capture, utilization, and storage, tomorrow.

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About Carbon Capture USA: At the summit, industry leaders will meet in California, USA to explore next-generation technologies for carbon capture, utilization, storage, and transportation to meet net-zero emissions targets.

Carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere have increased to critical levels and tackling climate change is one of the biggest global challenges that require immediate action. Industries and government agencies are now looking at innovative ways to create a circular carbon economy.

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage, or CCUS, is an emerging technology for reducing carbon emissions produced from energy production, heavy industries, and transportation. The captured CO₂ can be used as a valuable resource or permanently stored deep underground in geological formations, providing the foundation for carbon removal from the atmosphere. By creating new CCUS-based business models, industries can significantly reduce their carbon footprints and address the climate-energy challenges for the modern era.

The key focus for this year’s event will be “Working in collaboration with Industry” by sharing expertise, building capacity, and providing advice and support so that CCUS can play an integral role in reducing carbon emissions. Government agencies, global corporations, research bodies, and non-government organizations committed to learning and adopting CCUS technologies will participate in this event.

Key topics on this year’s agenda include:

  • Making an economic assessment for carbon capture, utilization, and storage
  • Reducing carbon emissions by industry sector – Challenges and Opportunities
  • New CCUS technologies and engineering know-how in developing the infrastructure
  • Supporting the industry with upcoming regulations and new environmental policies
  • Building a business model for CCUS with cost-reduction and commercialization
  • Latest projects and transportation networks for CO2 storage and utilization

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