Kanin Presenting at Digital Wildcatters Energy Tech Night

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Join Kanin’s team at Digital Wildcatters Energy Tech Night on Thursday, February 9th at 6 pm CT in Houston, TX. At the event, Kanin’s CEO, Janice Tran, will be demo Kanin’s business model innovation at 7:30pm.

Learn more about the event here.

About Digital WildCatters: Digital Wildcatters is a community of next generation of energy professionals changing the way the world thinks about energy.

About Energy Tech Night: Startups, Energy and Engineering Corporate innovation, venture groups and the Investor community all come together to catch up on the latest in energy innovation and emerging tech. Each Energy Tech Night offers insights from energy digitalization experts and rapid-fire pitches from the cutting edge in startups offering solutions for the energy challenges of today and tomorrow. After the rapid-fire pitches, there is a panel of industry leaders having an open discussion on important topics.

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