Janice Tran Featured in the University of Calgary’s Women in Entrepreneurship Week

Excited to see Janice Tran featured in the University of Calgary’s Women in Entrepreneurship Week, which “celebrates an ever-growing presence in Alberta’s innovation ecosystem”.

“The biggest challenge for Tran, BA’11, BComm’11, was “creating and managing a startup team, entirely remotely.” With stay-at-home work orders in place, “creating a sense of camaraderie and community without seeing each other in person has been a unique challenge,” she admits.

While many Canadians have been forced to solve problems and mend careers in the wake of the lingering pandemic, women have been hit particularly hard. According to an RBC economics analysis published in March 2021, almost half a million Canadian women who lost jobs at the start of the pandemic in 2020 still hadn’t returned to work nearly 10 months later.”

Kanin Energy’s team aims to reimagine teams with a diverse lens and understand what holds people back from leadership. Unfortunately, there are several ceilings that exist, one of which is for people that work and have children. With two of the co-founders of Kanin Energy being new parents, this allows the team to understand the root of the problem and therefore aim for a flexible work environment where people can rediscover how to balance demanding careers and personal lives.  

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