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Tune in to a thoughtful discussion with Catherine McLean from Dylan Green to hear from Kanin’s CEO, Janice Tran; as they address the opportunities and challenges Kanin Energy faces.

Catherine and Janice discuss several topics such as why only 13% of VC capital goes to startups with women on the founding team, how companies can adapt to a new landscape and how individuals can break into the clean energy ecosystem.

There are several barriers that hold back women from leadership. Unfortunately, a large hurdle is evident for those that have children and are balancing startups. Kanin is in a unique situation, where two of the co-founders are new parents, which allows the team to understand the root of the problem and therefore aim for a flexible work environment where people can rediscover how to balance demanding careers and personal lives.

Additionally, the crux of the issue for those trying to break into the cleantech industry, comes with understanding what unique skills everyone can bring to the table and how best to overcome risk. Presently, there is an opportunity to tear apart and rebuild the physical infrastructure of cleantech ecosystems, which in part allows the opportunity to rebuild the social infrastructure while removing hurdles for future generations.

Watch the full interview, here.

About Dylan Green: Dylan Green is a strategic talent acquisition consultancy placing commercial individuals within the clean energy and technology space. They focus on the rapidly developing clean energy and technology sector, covering niche markets with renewable energy, information technology, and green transportation.

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