Kanin Attending FNPA’s 7th Annual Indigenous Cleaner Energy Forum

Text reads "First Nations Power Authority: Bringing Experience & Expertise to First Nations"

Kanin is developing 24/7 carbon free power across North America, with several projects in remote and rural communities. Join Kanin’s team at First Nations Power Authority’s 7th Annual Indigenous Cleaner Energy Forum from June 26th to 27th, which aims to help facilitate a pathway for indigenous and industry players in clean energy development.

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About First Nations Power Authority: Aims to empower First Nations communities to pursue energy sovereignty through clean energy initiatives.

FNPA is the only North American non-profit Indigenous owned and controlled organization developing power projects with Indigenous communities.

FNPA bridges the gaps between industry, government, and Indigenous communities to evaluate and develop Indigenous owned power generation projects.

FNPA leverages project development expertise, network of industry experts, and technical advisors to develop projects resulting in increased economic benefits for First Nation communities.

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We’re a development company that focuses on transforming industrial waste heat into emission-free power with no capital needed from host facilities

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