Kanin Attending Decarb Connect North America Conference

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Kanin’s team will attend Decarb Connect’s conference from March 28th to 30th. The conference will focus on scaling up and speeding up how to decarbonize with the right technology and partners.

About North American Conference: Throughout the event we will be looking at practical solutions to scale up and speed up the adoption of new technologies, refine business models and cut through the clutter of potential options to fast-track industrials towards net zero.

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a game-changer with huge potential but what does it mean for industrials, what are the mechanisms and timeframes for funding deployment? Hear from government representatives from federal and state level, along with leading advisors and industrials on how the IRA has shifted strategies and priorities, the nuts and bolts of how to benefit from 45Q, including the permitting process for Class VI wells.

Industrials accept there is no silver bullet and a toolbox approach to technology is needed, but with so many options on the table, or in the pipeline, where to start? Time is precious! A key aim of the event is to help cut through the noise and encourage as many face-to-face interactions with technology and solution providers that offer proven and economical options, that could potential lead to further discussions and partnerships.

Decarb Connect’s objective is to harness the collective energy and expertise of the group around key questions and barriers to decarbonization. The purpose of the event is to make meaningful connections through in-depth working groups, roundtable discussions and networking activities which will go beyond simply exchanging business cards. There will be more than 200 leaders in Houston for strategic, pan-regional discussions and the opportunity to meet and forge essential new partnerships.

About Decarb Connect: Decarb Connect’s mission is to accelerate industrial decarbonization around the globe. They share insights and facilitate collaborations across the emerging decarbonization ecosystem. They work specifically with the most energy-intensive industrials from cement, metals and mining, glass, ceramics, chemicals, oil and gas, and many more and help connect them to technology disruptors, investors, and advisors.

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