Build Back Better Plan Passes The House

Build Back Better Plan Passes The House

Kanin Energy is thrilled to hear that The Build Back Plan has passed the house.

The bill contains $555 billion for climate change and clean energy investments – a huge win for the renewable energy community!

Learn more about The Build Back Better Plan which is the largest effort to combat climate change in America’s history includes addressing:

  • Delivers substantial consumer rebates and tax credits to reduce costs for middle-class families shifting to clean energy and electrification.
  • Ensures clean energy technology – from wind turbine blades to solar panels to electric cars – will be built in the United States with American-made steel and other materials, creating hundreds of thousands of good jobs at home.
  • Advances environmental justice through a new Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator that will invest in projects around the country, while delivering 40% of the benefits of investment to disadvantaged communities, as part of the President’s Justice40 initiative.
  • Bolsters resilience and natural solutions to climate change through a historic investment in coastal restoration, forest management, and soil conservation.

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