Kanin’s CEO Featured on Venture Houston Panel Discussion

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Kanin’s CEO, Janice Tran, was featured on a panel discussion hosted by HX Ventures at Venture Houston 2023. The panel topic focused on “From Vision to Venture” and showcased the growing Houston economy. Kanin has two offices, Houston and Calgary, which are hubs for the energy transition.

Watch the recap video, here:

About HX Venture Fund: HX Venture Fund, a fund investing in venture capital funds, seeks to transform Houston into a world-leading hub for innovation by bringing together key players in the ecosystem, linking investors to startups and startups to capital. The $50 million fund of funds, the first of its kind in Texas, aims to attract leading venture capital firms outside of Houston to bring their expertise and risk capital to the region, generating investment and interest in the region while increasing the investable capital available to Houston-based startups. With Houston’s thriving energy and medical sectors and its world-class research institutions, there’s no reason why the city shouldn’t be a world-class innovation hub. HX Fund hopes to provide the missing piece – venture capital – that will grow and sustain a thriving startup culture, cementing Houston as a leading city for innovative technology. 

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