Kanin Featured in HETI Article

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Special thanks to Houston Energy Transition Initiative (HETI) for the featured article that highlights how Kanin Energy started, the background of the founders, and why setting up a Houston office was vital to moving forward with the energy transition.

“Emission-free power should be its own virtuous goal, but for companies creating waste heat, it can be an expensive endeavor both in terms of capital and human resources to work on energy transition solutions. But Kanin Energy helps companies to #decarbonize with no cost to them.”

Read the full feature.

About HETI: Is a part of the Greater Houston Partnership, which works to connect companies with resources, information and networking opportunities to help increase business while also providing a platform to influence the direction of the region.

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We’re a development company that focuses on transforming industrial waste heat into emission-free power with no capital needed from host facilities

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