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Decarb Connect

Listen to Decarb Connect’s Podcast episode to learn about a decarbonization solution for industrials looking to effect change in the short term. Janice Tran, Kanin’s CEO, talks with Alex about how waste-heat-to-energy can act as in-road for industrials seeking to decarbonize. Janice talks about how tech like this can help fund further decarbonization plans as well as having an impact on your carbon footprint. You’ll also hear about their recently announced collaboration with Tallgrass Energy and how the opening of their second office in Houston fits into the plans for future platform development.

Listen now, here.

About Decarb Connect: Decarb Connect’s mission is to accelerate industrial decarbonization around the globe. They share insights and facilitate collaborations across the emerging decarbonization ecosystem. They work specifically with the most energy-intensive industrials from cement, metals and mining, glass, ceramics, chemicals, oil and gas, and many more and help connect them to technology disruptors, investors, and advisors.

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