Kanin Energy and CEO Janice Tran Featured in Forbes

Kanin has just been featured in Forbes with a special highlight on our CEO Janice Tran! We are so thrilled to see a spotlight on innovation within heavy industry, one of the largest emitting sectors of CO2. The article highlights the need for business model innovation, developing baseload power to increase resiliency, and the necessary factors to help scale industrial decarbonization solutions.

Waste heat recovery presents a significant opportunity in decarbonizing the industrial sector while enhancing the resiliency of the power mix. Waste heat to power is a reliable source of energy that can immediately address major challenges, meet emission reduction targets, while also increasing market competitiveness.

Check out the article below to see how Kanin is providing industrial operators a clean source of electricity from their waste heat!

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We’re a development company that focuses on transforming industrial waste heat into emission-free power with no capital needed from host facilities

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