Kanin Showcased at Greentown Labs Climatetech Summit

White and orange background of panelists and people shaking hands with text that reads "We're attending! Nov. 1 Greentown Houston". Greentown Labs logo is also present with text that reads "Climatetech Summit".

Kanin’s Chief Development Officer, Dan Fipke, and Director of Business Development, Dan Forget, will be participating in Greentown Labs Climatetech Summit in Houston, TX on November 1st.

The Greentown Labs Climatetech Summit is a deep dive into accelerating deployment through collaboration. Climatetech entrepreneurs are developing the solutions that are the core of global decarbonization, yet they need support and partnership from investors, policymakers, and the growing climatetech workforce in order to scale their critical technologies. The energy transition is here, and the climatetech ecosystem needs your involvement to propel climatetech out into the world. 

The Summit aims to be a day of hands-on exploration with our 200+ startups and their climatetech solutions; keynotes and sessions featuring leaders across climatetech, finance, policy, and justice; and networking with key climate action pioneers. Greentown will be highlighting the momentum our startups, corporate partners, and ecosystem champions have been building together, how these collaborations will chart the course for climatetech deployment, and how everyone can play a role in commercializing climate technologies.

Make sure to talk to our team if about how we can pay you for your waste heat if you’re emitting high grade waste heat during your industrial process or are developing industrial decarbonization technology.

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About Greentown Labs: Greentown Labs is the largest climate tech start-up incubator in North America. It aims to bring together, members, partners, and staff toward a common mission, the climate crisis through entrepreneurship and collaboration. Greentown believes in the power of entrepreneurs in the climate battle. And we’re confident that when combined with support and amplification from corporates, politicians, private citizens, and others, climate tech start-ups will drive progress. Greentown aims to be the leading hub where people from all over the world congregate to work toward the shared goal of a sustainable, renewable future.

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