Kanin’s CEO Featured in Women Leaders in Climate

Light blue city background with white text on the left that reads "Janice Tran, CEO & Co-Founder Kanin Energy. Wednesday April 5th 2023 1pm CDT". To the right appears Climate Transformed's logo which looks like an infinity sign with white text that reads "40 Women Leaders in Climate" with a picture of Janice Tran below; an East Asian women wearing a black blouse and cream suit jacket.

On Wednesday, April 5th, Kanin’s CEO, Janice Tran, will participate in Climate Transformed’s “40 Women Leaders in Climate”.

The presentation will cover Janice’s journey in the climate world and overlook Kanin’s innovative business model.

Register now here.

About Climate Transformed: Climate Transformed is a climate intelligence platform committed to the evolution of climate discussions into practical, decisive action.

Founded by Paul Krake, a respected financial strategist, the Climate Transformed team boasts an array of expert hosts in the fields of Energy, Commodities, and Carbon Markets, all united in the desire to shift the conversation to abate the climate crisis.

Via unique access to a world-class network of professionals, Climate Transformed provides the highest quality, independently sourced live intelligence and industry insight and sets the bar for transparent and honest debate in the currently over-saturated and, at times, a seemingly stagnant sphere of global climate action.

Cutting through the noise, Climate Transformed strives to facilitate and set in motion the necessary and, at times, uncomfortable conversations required to generate solutions to equip the world’s principle change makers, industry innovators, and environmentally conscious investors in the fight to net zero.

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