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Did you know that only 42% of energy used by heavy industry ends up as work?

The other 58% of energy ends up as rejected energy, including Waste Heat.

With Heavy industry being responsible for around 22 percent of global CO2 emissions, Waste Heat recovery can enable industries reduce their environmental footprint and decrease costs while increasing their efficiency.

This 18-Page White Paper provides actionable insights on why converting Waste Heat to Power is the choice solution for the most forward-thinking energy sustainability leaders. It addresses among other benefits, how Waste Heat recovery can improve the sustainability credential of energy intensive industries.

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What You'll get from this White Paper

Learn how Waste Heat to Power Operates at 24/7 Baseload, and can directly displace Fossil Fuel-fired Generation Sources of Power

Find out How Waste Heat to Power complements Renewable generation like Wind and Solar

Learn about how Waste Heat to Power is cost competitive to other renewables and Storage

Be in the know about Policy and regulations in favor of Waste Heat to Power

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