Junior Technical Analyst

Employment Type: Permanent Full-time

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The Role: Junior Technical Analyst

Kanin Energy is searching for a Junior Technical Analyst to support growth in the company’s clean energy and decarbonization platform. The ideal candidate will have a strong educational background in engineering, with 0-3 years of experience, and a keen interest in the energy sector, particularly in heat recovery and fluid dynamic environments. This individual will report to the Lead Evaluations Engineer to conduct initial assessments of heat and emissions streams, contributing to the development of innovative decarbonization projects.  

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct feasibility studies and preliminary engineering assessments for waste heat to power and carbon capture projects 
  • Research and report on new and emerging technologies and methods for optimizing waste heat recovery and broader decarbonization projects 
  • Further develop in-house project assessment tool, employing both Excel and Python, to analyze and evaluate extensive asset’s performance datasets and enhance assessment speed and accuracy 
  • Perform waste heat audits across various industries, utilizing Kanin’s data collection and assessment tools, and adapting or creating new tools as needed 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Mechanical, chemical, or related field) 
  • 0-3 years of relevant engineering experience, preferably in the energy sector with exposure to heat recovery and fluid dynamic environments 
  • Familiarity with decarbonization projects and technologies such as ORCs, HRSGs, inlet air chillers, on-site hydrogen production, and CCUS 
  • Proficiency in Excel and Python 
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills 
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills  

How to Apply:

Applications are accepted until December 15, 2023. Please send resumes to careers@kaninenergy.com

About Kanin Energy

Kanin Energy is a Project Development company hyper-focused on industrial emissions. We help heavy industry monetize their waste heat and decarbonize their operations. Kanin staff are professional, dedicated, and have a passion for clean energy & decarbonization. We strive to demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset, first-principles thinking, and the pursuit of mastery in our field. We invest in our team and celebrate building meaningful relationships with our staff, client partners, and service providers.