Waste Heat to Power Breakout Session

National Summit on Combined Heat and Power

From September 13-15, 2021, the Combined Heat and Power Alliance, the leading national voice for the deployment of combined heat and power (CHP) and waste heat to power (WHP), is hosting its second annual virtual National Summit on CHP. The Summit will convene a diverse group of stakeholders, including industry experts, end users and potential […]

Kanin Energy is Hiring!

Kanin Energy is Hiring

Kanin Energy is growing! We are looking for a Business Development Analyst to support the business development team and report to the Chief Development Officer, and a Senior Energy Markets Analyst to support the commercial and projects team. If you are seeking new opportunities in the clean energy space, please consider submitting your applications for the […]

Kanin Participating in the Great Alberta Pitch Marathon

Great Alberta Pitch Marathon

Join Kanin on August 19th and celebrate Alberta Tech and Innovation at the Great Alberta Pitch Marathon featuring over 100 companies & 300 ecosystem members across Alberta! Register and learn more below to take part in the marathon and show your support for Alberta startups! “An Alberta-wide event that provides hands-on pitching experience and exposure […]

Kanin Wins the People’s Choice Award at Plug and Play Energy

Kanin has won the “People’s Choice Award” for the virtual summer summit at Plug and Play Energy! The summer summit featured 154 startups that have graduated from nine industry focused innovation programs including Mobility, Real Estate & Construction, Internet of Things, Energy, Insurtech, Travel & Hospitality, FinTech, Health, Enterprise Tech startups. Kanin has graduated from the […]

Kanin Joins the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)


Kanin is thrilled to announce its membership with the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)!  REBA, a national business association, supports the procurement of clean energy, with transactional education, advocacy of policy, regulations, and expands corporate-led clean energy innovation across markets.  To accelerate WHP as a solution to net zero, Kanin has joined the Renewable Energy […]

Canary Media Features the Diamond List

diamond list

Kanin is excited to be on the Diamond List! The diamond list is a freely accessible list of 75 promising climate-oriented startups assessed by investors who know the sector. It aims to resolve the challenge Investors face when trying to come into climatetech, but are distraught with the vast array of startups to invest in.  […]

Kanin Joins the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship Clean Energy Accelerator

RICE Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator

We’re excited to announce Kanin has joined the inaugural class of the Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator! The Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator was launched to increase the likelihood of success for early-stage startups advancing solutions for a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable future. Through a robust curriculum, custom mentor relationships, and targeted corporate and […]

Virtual panel for Decarbonizing Cement, Concrete, & Steel

Decarbonizing Cement, Concrete, and Steel

While excitement and momentum build behind the clean energy transition and as new net-zero targets emerge, the question of how to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors remains. How do we tackle the material economy which is responsible for nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions? What are our plans around cement? What are the smart ways of […]

Join us at the National Summit on Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power 2021 Summit

Registration is now open for this year’s national summit on Combined Heat and Power presented by the Combined Heat and Power Alliance!  “The Combined Heat and Power Alliance, the leading national voice for the deployment of combined heat and power (CHP) and waste heat to power (WHP), is hosting its second annual Virtual National Summit on […]

Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance Summit

Energy Efficiency Summit

Join us on May 18-19th and register for the upcoming Energy Efficiency Summit from the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance (AEEA)!  The event will explore energy efficiency in Alberta and will feature experts from all over Canada, including our very own Janice Tran who will discuss “A New Model for Financing Waste Heat Recovery in Industrial Facilities”. The […]